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Sharp Edge Australia was established in 1971.

A family business which has provided commitment and support to our clients for over 50 years.  The directors bring together years of experience gained from a wide range of customer base.  Experience gained from sharpening saw blades and manufacturing tools for furniture & cabinet makers, to evaluating cutting speeds and providing advise to the metal working industry.

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Sharpening - it's what we do!

There is nothing better than using sharp scissors, a chain saw that cuts better than when you bought it new, a drill bit that just keeps on drilling, or a favorite kitchen knife that is a pleasure to use.  This is what we do and we do it well.  Sharpening is in our blood.  From our fathers humble beginnings in Richmond sharpening tools with a file and the three sons coming after school watching their father file a circular saw blade, introducing technology has made it easier and better.  But one thing is for sure.... experience matters when it comes to having sharper, longer lasting cutting tools.