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XP TCT Hole Cutter | Bordo


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Tungsten Carbide Hole Saws

XP TCT hole saws are ideal for repetition cutting in steel plate, stainless steel plate and synthetic resin plates up to 4mm thick.

XP2 TCT hole saws feature 3 edged cutters which balance the cutting effort for smoother boring, greater control and reduced drag. The deep body makes them ideal for use with curved surfaces such as metal pipes.


  • Non-uniform separation of the tungsten carbide teeth and integrated mandrel virtually elimates vibration due to resonance
  • Extremely long service life
  • No need for messy cutting fluids
  • Heavy duty plug ejector spring


  • Repetition cutting of steel plate, stainless steel plate, sheet metal and other hard or abrasive materials

  • Cutting Depth (mm)


    XP XP2
    Steel 4.5 23
    S/Steel 3 3+
    Aluminium 3 3+

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