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Unit 9, 1880 Hume HighwayCampbellfield Melb, Vic, 3061Australia
Tel: 03 9357 7382

Domestic Sharpening

We specialise in all matter of knives, from turning knives, paring knives, carving knives and so on, whatever the knife is we will always do everything to get the best result for your knives. Even damaged knives with broken tips.

Industrial Sharpening

Tool Sharpening at SharpEdge is a whole new level, we will restore all your tools to how they should be whether the odd garden tools.

Gardening Tools Sharpening

SharpEdge Offers a A Convenient Garden tools Sharpening service SERVICE Throughout Victoria. Our Specialised SHARPENERS Will come to yoy and SHARPEN your knives and tools on the spot.

A family business which has provided commitment and support to our clients for over 50 years. The directors bring together years of experience gained from a wide range of customer base. Experience gained from sharpening saw blades and manufacturing tools for furniture & cabinet makers, to evaluating cutting speeds and providing advise to the metal working industry.

There is nothing better than using sharp scissors, a chain saw that cuts better than when you bought it new, a drill bit that just keeps on drilling, or a favorite kitchen knife that is a pleasure to use. This is what we do and we do it well. Sharpening is in our blood. From our fathers humble beginnings in Richmond sharpening tools with a file and the three sons coming after school watching their father file a circular saw blade, introducing technology has made it easier and better. But one thing is for sure.... experience matters when it comes to having sharper, longer lasting cutting tools.

Unit 9, 1880 Hume HighwayCampbellfield Melb, Vic, 3061Australia
Tel: 03 9357 7382