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Snips & Shears

Snips & Shears

Piranha Multi Function Snips exemplify our design philosophy. Their ergonomic handles have been designed and shaped around ease of use and maximum comfort in the hand. These no-fuss, ambidextrous handles make it so easy to pick the snips up. There’s no right or wrong way, just your way! Piranha Snips can open and close in one motion regardless of which way they are picked up. And with a spring tension that has been finely tuned for low fatigue operation, Piranha Snips are ideal for continuous use day in and day out.

With safety being of the highest priority MVRK products have been carefully designed with innovative safety features built in. MVRK Piranhas and Aviation snips come complete with a patented holster to protect the user and prevent accidental contact with the blades.

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