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Drill Bits & Drill Sets

Drill Bits & Drill Sets


• Ensure workpiece is firmly and securely fastened.
• Avoid excess lateral loads.
• Ensure collets and drill chucks are in good condition and will not allow drill slippage. Both drill and component damage can occur.
• Ensure drill is kept sharp, and sharpen before point of failure. If allowed to become blunt extra grinding will be needed to bring the drill back to optimum performance.
• Keep the flutes free from swarf. Clogged flutes will hamper drill performance.
• Use adequate coolant, particularly at the drill point, wherever possible.
• Avoid excessive speed and feed rates. If unsure of the correct speed or feed rate to use, it is generally better to start at low speeds and feeds, and build up as appropriate.
• If the hole is deeper than 3 times its diameter it is considered a deep hole. When drilling deep holes peck drilling is needed in order for the coolant to reach the point of the drill, and also to aid chip clearance.

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