HSS-M2AI Annular Cutter 50mm | Bordo

HSS-M2AI Annular Cutter 50mm | Bordo


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Annular Cutters achieve burr-free finished holes without the need for pre-drilling or step drilling. faster and more accurate than using standard HSS twist drills.

Bordo Annular Cutters are CNC ground and feature multi-cut geometry for smooth and fast cutting. The precision ground flutes run the entire length of the cutter providing efficient chip removal.


  • •increased cutting speed
  • •reduced tooth load
  • •minimized tool wear
  • •extended tool life
  • •close tolerance drilling without runout
  • •reamed quality, burr free finished holes
  • •resharpenable.

Bordo Annular Cutters feature a 3/4" universal shank that suits most standard machines including Hougen®, Slugger®, Rotabroach®, Rotabest® and Nitto®.

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