Carbide Tipped Hex Shank Ceramic Tile Drill | Bordo

Carbide Tipped Hex Shank Ceramic Tile Drill | Bordo


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Tungsten Carbide Tipped Ceramic Tile Drill.

These Rotary Only ceramic tile drills provide outstanding performance and extended tool life in hard ceramic materials. They feature a unique cutting edge geometry in conjunction with high temperature brazing to ensure reliable and accurate drilling in multiple hole applications.

Use of water cooling will extend bit life.

Although these drill bits are not recommended for drilling vitrified porcelain, their superior multi-facet tungsten carbide tip enables them to drill most materials of this type, albeit with a reduced tool life.

Specifically engineered for use in impact drivers these bits are also fully compatible with conventional rotary drills. 1/4" hex shank facilitates fast tool loading in cordless impact drivers and quick change adaptors.

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