COBALT TiAlN Coated Spiral Flute Step Drill | Bordo

COBALT TiAlN Coated Spiral Flute Step Drill | Bordo


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Bordo Cobalt Spiral Flute Titanium Aluminium Nitride (TiAlN) coated step drills offer unparalleled performance when drilling hard metals such as stainless steel.

  • HSS-Co5 material provides increased performance and tool life when machining tough steels.
  • High performance point for faster starting and reduced bit wander.
  • 3 flatted shank prevents slipping in drill chuck.
  • Spiral flutes enable easier tool penetration.
  • Titanium Aluminium Nitride (TiAlN) is a thin film coating that was developed from Titanium Nitride. TiAlN offers higher temperature resistance than TiN, as well as slightly higher hardness and especially higher hot hardness (i.e. the hardness at high temperatures). It is primarily used in high temperature environments above the limits of TiN usage. This coating works by forming a thin surface layer of Alumina (Al2O3), or Aluminium Oxide ceramic. As the layer wears it continuously reforms.

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