Segmented Diamond Green Concrete Blade | Bordo

Segmented Diamond Green Concrete Blade | Bordo


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Enduro Diamond
Green concrete & asphalt

Abrasive materials like green concrete and asphalt will wear the metal bond very fast, so blades for these materials have a much harder metal bond to resist this abrasion.

Segmented blades typically have medium to hard bonds for a range of wet and dry cutting applications. These blades offer a relatively smooth cut combined with a fast cutting speed however some chipping may occur. They are durable and have a long blade life compared to other blades.

The spaces between the segments (gullets) improve air flow, dissipate heat, and remove slurry from the cut, helping to optimise the blade's cutting performance. The size and shape of the gullets vary from blade to blade and will depend on the type of material the blade is designed to cut.

The single most important factor for the life of the blade is to match it to the job application and the type of equipment it is being used on.

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